My Nexus 5 blew away!

My phone needs to be able to take some abuse. It will come on every bike ride with me, and get chucked around the garage while I’m working on my various little projects and inevitably dropped every once in a while.

I think I got my Nexus 5 in November or December and I ordered the bright red Nexus bumper case right away¬†(‘red’ is questionable, it’s blatantly orange) which has saved it from the occasional knock but yesterday it worked some kind of miracle!


I’d placed it on a ledge while I unlocked my bike, it wasn’t overly windy but the Nexus 5 is so light that it actually blew away! I had the mini heart-attack that everyone has while watching any beloved mobile device hurtle towards the cold hard surface of the earth, and with a solid ‘slap’ it landed face down having fallen around 4 or 5 feet. Game over, surely?

But no! The Nexus 5 had survived! That single millimetre of protection provided by the bumper had completely saved it, even the screen protector film had barely been touched. Very impressed with both the phone and the nexus bumper case, both highly recommended!

// Matt

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