What’s this?

I’m Matt. Apparently as a web developer I’m expected to have my own website, so I’ve made this blog. (Yes, a blog still counts!)

Forget about focusing on a niche (as any successful blog should), I’ve lumped all my interests together into one site. I’m into loads of different stuff, mostly going fast with the help of wheels, engines or gravity and making things that look cool. All of which gets thrown on here, run through a spell-check and peppered with GoPro footage and photos. I have at least gone to the trouble of categorising the posts for you. You’re welcome.

Update: I’ve launched the new design early. It’s about 90% there and I’m just going to finish it off while it’s live, so there may be a few issues, “Deeeeeal with it!” 😉

To do list:

  • Comments layout
  • Hero graphics for categories
  • Remaining category icons
  • Easter eggs
  • Fall-backs for sucky devices/browsers