What’s this?

I’m Matt. This is my blog.

Forget about focusing on a niche (as any successful blog should), I’ve lumped all my interests together into one site.

I thought I had a fairly broad set of interests but upon reflection, they’re mostly going fast with the help of wheels, engines or gravity and making things that look cool.

If those things also interest you, you’re in for an absolute TREAT! I plan to throw all of it on here, occasionally run it through a spell-check, season with GoPro footage and photos, “et voila!” Delicious blog content for you. It’s going to be a bit of everything (a buffet?) but I have at least gone to the trouble of categorising the posts for you. You’re welcome.

Don’t panic! I’m a professional designer and web developer

I fully expect this blog to be in a perpetual state of development. It’s a WordPress site with my own bespoke theme and I’ll tinker with it occasionally, experiment, break things and it will almost certainly never be “finished.”

If you want a finished WordPress theme, I can build you one…

I first started this theme (v2) in 2015, and the design mostly came about because I decided it’d be a fun challenge to do loads of diagonals. “Skew” seemed like an interesting concept to work with, and so here we are.

Current do list:

  • Comments layout
  • Hero graphics for categories
  • Remaining category icons
  • Easter eggs
  • Fall-backs for sucky devices/browsers (maybe)

And that’s pretty much WTF this site is about

If you need me, tweet me: @matteasom