What’s this?

I’m Matt. This is my blog.

Forget about focusing on a niche (as any successful blog should), I’ve lumped all my interests together into one site. I thought I had a fairly broad set of interests but upon reflection, they’re mostly going fast with the help of wheels, engines or gravity and making things that look cool.

I plan to throw all of it on here, run it through a spell-check and season with GoPro footage and photos. It’s going to be a bit of everything but I have at least gone to the trouble of categorising the posts for you. You’re welcome.

I fully expect this blog to be in a perpetual state of development. It’s a WordPress site with my own bespoke theme and I’ll tinker with it occasionally, experiment, break things and it will almost certainly never be “finished.”

(If you want a finished WordPress theme, I can build you one…)

Current do list:

  • Comments layout
  • Hero graphics for categories
  • Remaining category icons
  • Easter eggs
  • Fall-backs for sucky devices/browsers

If you need me, tweet me: @matteasom