Bespoke WordPress theme development service

Hi, I’m Matt and I can make all those website designs you have, into a real working WordPress website with any custom content management tools you need to update and maintain it.

Need a theme developed? How about a premium, responsive WordPress theme, built mobile-first with fast load times and custom content management to make future updates and maintenance an absolute breeze? Yea? Okay, let’s go…

I can build you a responsive WordPress theme from any design

Literally, “any” design, even half a design; I’ll finish it, you can fall in love with it and I’ll build it. You dreams will become a reality, you might even cry. If you cry, I’ll cry – Stop it, I can’t handle these emotions!

Ultimately, you’ll get the website you need, you get to be the hero your team deserves and the one it needs right now (not even Batman managed that). And if I keep building WordPress themes maybe we can park are yachts next to each other one day.

I’ve been working with WordPress for over 10 years, I know the best practices and how to do things properly to deliver you a quality, well-build product.

Fast loading WordPress themes

I have always found a bespoke WordPress theme to be considerably better performing than page-builder based themes such as Divi or Elementor. While the advantage to those is the quick turn around, having been tasked with optimising them in the past they require a much larger investment to make them perform well, and never seem to be as good as a bespoke solution.

My bespoke themes regularly help sites achieve 95+ Google PageSpeed scores for both desktop and mobile experiences. I build the themes mobile first and follow all Google’s PageSpeed recommendations without letting them compromise the design.

The content that goes into the theme plays a big part in the overall performance but there are plugins available to help with this and I’d be happy to advise and assist if you’d like me to.

Bespoke content management solutions

There are lots of advantages advantages to bespoke content management but the specifics depend if the theme is for yourself and your own business or for a client. Traditionally you had to choose between a beautiful bespoke site, or a site with content management system. Bespoke content management bridges both together, making updating and maintaining a beautiful site with a custom design easier, quicker and cheaper for whoever is tasked with doing it.

Ultimately the aim is to separate content from design. You just want the right information on the site, in the right places and presented how it was originally designed. As soon as you’re afraid to update a site because you’re worried you might break it, that site is failing you and is not doing its job.

Most of my bespoke content management utilises Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) but can also extend to custom Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes.

Theme development clients

My clients tend to be marketing agencies. I not only build WordPress themes for their clients but often for their own websites too.

A typical scenario is a agency is hired to improve the goal conversion of an existing website, initial investigation finds that the website (even if it looks good) is, for a host of reasons, going to be an absolute nightmare to work on and maintain. It’s often more cost effective to have me rebuild the site in WordPress with a bespoke theme than to even attempt to work with what’s there.

Chances are the original site has poor load performance, maybe isn’t responsive or has a poor mobile user experience. We’ll look at all the issues and I’ll build a WordPress theme to solve them while providing the agency with the tools they need to implement their strategy. In most cases this is a long-term strategy making it even more important the site is reliable and easy to maintain.

Contact me for a WordPress theme

Get in touch, let’s have a chat about what you need and how I can help.

Use the contact form right here on the blog, or tweet me: @matteasom

// Matt

And now I’ve got the page copy done, I’m going to have a think about how best to show my work. Please stand by.