Android’s stock email app is finally good!

Well, it’s always been good, but now it’s a little bit better! My Nexus 5 arrived yesterday thanks to o2 persuading me to “Be more dog” and get myself the latest greatest phone with their o2 refresh contract. This worked out to be a pretty good deal for me considering my previous contract was coming to an end anyway.

Now I’ve had it almost 18 hours my favourite change from Jellybean to Kitkat so far has got to be the update to the stock email app. For whatever reason pinch and zoom never worked like I expected in the previous versions. HTML emails would always be too wide when holding the phone in portrait, and while you could always zoom in further you could never pinch it small enough to view the full width of the email. Annoying.

But here’s a couple of my emails in the new 4.4 version…


Whether this is just because the screen resolution on the Nexus 5 is so much higher than my old Galaxy Nexus, I don’t know, I guess it’s a possibility. But regardless, I’m pleased it’s now working ‘properly.’

The stock email app has become far more like the dedicated Gmail app, and Gmail in general. I’m not really sure why they’re still bundling both, unless they’re not and my new phone just downloaded Gmail when restoring all the apps from my old device. Who knows/cares?

The Nexus 5 is a great device, and I’m really pleased with it so far. I may get around to doing a full review/comparison against apple’s latest wallet slaughtering device (though I’ll try not to be too bias 😉 ).

// Matt

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