How to enter a META alarm override code

I needed to add a new alarm remote to my bike over the weekend. Instructions for this were pretty easy to find (How to add/introduce a new Meta alarm remote) but one of the first steps is “Enter the override code from the orange code card” which given that there’s no numeric keypad hidden away on my bike or even a button to press, this had me stumped for a while.

It’s all done by counting the flashes of the alarm LED (which of course, my bike didn’t have). I had to temporarily rig one up by searching for a pair of spare wires sprouting out of the alarm loom (black/red stripe positive, black earth). Fortunately they already had bullet connectors on so I crimped some connectors onto a spare 12v LED and that gave me the blinking light I needed to enter the code.

Lets say for example that your override/security code is ‘54321’ entering the code is a case of counting the LED flashes and turning the ignition on and back off when the required number has been reached. I had a spare working fob so didn’t have to enter the code to access the “programming routine” (that’s what Meta call it).

After turning the ignition off, count five flashes of the LED and turn the ignition on then off again. Count four flashes and turn the ignition on/off, count three flashes then on/off, two flashes on/off. One flash, turn the ignition on and leave it on. You should get a confirmation of correct code entry, “bip bip bop bop” from the alarm.

Obviously remember your code will be different and can only be found on the orange/red code card that was hopefully passed on to you from the previous owner or when you had the alarm installed.

If you’re having major issues with your motorcycle alarm and need expert assistance I can’t recommend the guys at Safe’n’Sound ( enough. They supplied my replacement remote pre-coded to my alarm and helped me locate the right wires when I called to ask how I enter the security code given that I didn’t have an LED. Really helpful, and even called me back to check how I was getting on.

Looks like I’m finally running out of jobs to tick off the ninja list so I’ll probably be back to tinkering with the A4 soon.

// Matt

2 thoughts on “How to enter a META alarm override code

  1. Hi Matt
    I have a spare working fob from an old meta alarm can I programme it for this new alarm same make just doing adding new fob reprogramme or will need to have the long 16 digit code done

    1. Hi Alan, I couldn’t tell you for sure but I can’t see any harm in trying it out. The spare fob I purchased was supposed to have been pre-coded for my alarm but I don’t know what this entails. The fact you have a working fob of the same make may be enough to consider it pre-coded, it may not.

      Unfortunately I’m not an expert, I just share my experiences to try and help others. Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

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