Building my new home office

After repairing and painting the walls it was finally time to get to work building my home office. I wanted a big desk with no legs to get in my way and loads of shelves, so here’s what happened…

I couldn’t get MDF big enough to span the full width of the wall; engineering ensued… I threw together some low-profile wall mounts out of some scrap to bridge the gap at each end. Here I’m testing them out.


Batons screwed to the back wall, top fitted and gluing down a 18mm corner.


I made some 45 degree struts to help transfer weight down the wall, but you can’t see them even at this angle so it still looks super minimal in terms of mounting hardware.


All holes filled (sorry to the googlers who found this page expecting something else).



Quick vacuum and wipe down ready to paint.


I wanted it gloss white, and that was going to take a few coats.


Wall masked up and on with the first coat (left to dry over night). Immediately after taking this photo I stepped bare foot onto the gloss tin lid, covering myself in near impossible to remove, glossy, whiteness. Had to hop across the house looking for some methylated spirts to clean it off. Idiot.


Second coat, starting to see reflections now.


Final coat, nice and glossy.


A couple of days later I put the first level of shelves up, started the cable management and put my PC together.


I found these great little USB hub cable management inserts from Belkin. I bought three and they really helped keep the cables tidy and out of view. They’re the black circles next to the speakers.

After a couple more levels of shelving, some spotlights and of course, what home office would be complete without a Sideshow Collectables 1:1 scale mk3 Iron Man bust, it was done.


Pretty happy with how it all turned out and it works really well for me.

If I were to do it again I’d probably give the desk a gloss varnish coat. At the time it looked shiny enough, but this faded after a little while.

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