B5 RS4 brakes onto the B6 A4

It was time to get the bad boys fitted. As usual, with any car job I don’t know how to do myself Andy gets a call and always shows up to give me a hand, absolute legend.

Here’s what we were dealing with; shiny black, freshly refurbished B5 RS4 brakes, EBC redstuff pads and HEL braided brake lines…


Standard single pot A4 tiny brakes


These were an absolute nightmare to remove, or more specifically undoing the carrier bolts. They just refused to budge and given that we didn’t have it up on a lift there was no room to get a breaker bar onto it and crack it off. This took a lot of soaking with WD40, and a lot of blood sweat and tearing of muscle tissue, but we got there in the end.

Once the carrier bolts were off everything else was a piece of cake, it all just bolted straight on. We topped up the brake fluid and bled the system with an ‘Eezibleed’ kit, which as the name suggests was relatively ‘easy.’

Twin pot B5 RS4 brakes (that’s more like it!)



Looking good. Still need to get it lowered though.


As always a big thanks to Andy for giving up his weekend to help me out. And I suppose to my parents for not complaining too much about hijacking their double garage for a workshop.

// Matt

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