Catastrophic IT Failure

I’ve been pretty busy lately with lots of freelance work, so my home PC has been racking up an impressive mileage and thrashing it like I tend to do generates some serious heat. Heat which seemingly has nowhere to go when stored inside Ikea’s ALEX storage unit (which is supposedly designed to house a computer tower). And I think this heat has now killed my lovely PC.

After taking a break from some web dev to grab a snack and watch an episode of Breaking Bad, I returned to find my PC going through the boot-up process, “F-ing Windows updates!?” I thought. But no, I was presented with the, “Windows did not shut down properly” message. So I choose to start Windows normally but after 10 minutes on the Starting Windows boot-up screen I resign to the fact that it’s hung up and hold in the power button to turn the thing off and get some sleep.

This morning things were no better. I didn’t have any time to investigate but things still felt pretty warm. I’ll try and resuscitate ‘him/her?’ this evening… after I’m done working on the A4.

// Matt

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