A wet but still packed AITP6

Incomplete, unfinished interior, old knackered wheels, car park war scars and rain so hard you couldn’t see the road, but still made it to this years Audis in the Park.

Despite planning months in advance, the A4 still wasn’t ready for show day. I’ve known for a while the interior retrim wasn’t going to be finished (I’ve been putting my money into the ninja instead), but all my carbon pieces were due to arrive with plenty of time so at least the interior would be complete, or so I thought. Despite being told they’d be done they never showed up.

Then I’m told 3 days before the show that the wheels I wanted (black 3SDM 0.01’s) were out of stock too, and apparently discontinued so I was going to have to run the old, knackered R8 reps (yuck!). Along with a handful of car park dings the car wasn’t going to be as I wanted it, but that was no reason not to go anyway.

Andy was coming along with his Votex 3.0 V6 so we booked the cars in with Ben of ‘Smart Clean Valeting & Detailing‘ for Saturday morning. Even though we were expecting horrible weather at least we should see some nice beading.

Five hours later Ben was all done, the cars looked great so we thought we’d sneak in a few photos before mucky, wet roads ruined them on the way to AITP on Sunday.

2014-08-09 16.34.17

2014-08-09 16.49.49

2014-08-09 17.00.44

2014-08-09 17.03.20

Was the wrong time of day for photos as it was a bit too bright but still, not too shabby for a pair of 10 year old motors.

Anyway, moving along to Sunday, day of the show. It had rained through the night, the cars still looked great but the roads were horrible and our spotless cars were rapidly acquiring dirty spots but thankfully no sign of the downpour we were expecting.

Wristbands were on and we were waved through the Billing Aquadrome gates and into the AITP show area. The Audi-Sport.net stand was easy to spot and we rolled up into spaces between a B7 RS4 and a new A3 sportback. As we arrived there was a break in the rain so we had some time to go over the cars with detail spray; spotlessness restored!

By around mid-day it was really pissing down. Having gone prepared looking very uncool in waterproof shorts and jacket wondering around in the rain wasn’t bothering me too much but it didn’t leave much opportunity to take photos.

2014-08-10 12.12.58

2014-08-10 12.12.39

2014-08-10 11.45.43

2014-08-10 12.12.19

Loads of great looking cars all over the place, the white A3/S3 with purple 3SDM 0.01’s was probably my favourite of our audi-sport stand. Rob Goodwins old B6 A4 in Iron Man ‘hotrod red’ was brought along by the new owner so was cool seeing that in the flesh.

Julian Loose’s DE urban camo B5 S4 looking good on fifteen52’s with the Dub Fiction crew, and the B7 RS4 on the Still Static stand was bloody lovely, fitment was spot on.

Was also the first time I’d seen Wayne Simpson’s yellow R8 with Plush interior retrim and hardline air install. Wish I’d been able to get a better look, but it was all pretty well sealed up thanks to the rain.

Way too many awesome cars to list them all and amazing turn out considering the weather forecast, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as everyone thought and the sun even came out in the afternoon. Thanks to Adam at audi-sport for the burgers, and Calvin who organises AITP for putting on a great event.

Next show will most likely be Audi Driver International, so hopefully the A4 will be looking a bit better by then.

// Matt

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