Breaking Bad (B6 S4 Breaking)

How good was the finale to Breaking Bad!? Truly awesome TV. To help me come to terms with the fact that Breaking Bad was coming to an end, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting involved with some breaking of my own.

I heard about a B6 S4 avant that was being broken down for parts and contacted a very helpful guy called Dale who was able to confirm that some of what I needed was still available. I obviously found out about it late as a lot of the really good stuff had already gone.

Anyway, for just shy of £130 (inc. delivery) I picked up the front and rear interior map lights in black, black mini sun visor, steering control module and a front wheel arch liner + fixings.

Once those had arrived I got an email from Dale telling me he had another S4 on its way to him and wondered if I wanted anything else. Of course I did; door blades please, and the black sun visor hooks delivered to me for £200. I’d of had more, but the Alcantara retrim has to take priority at the moment. Managed to sell my S-line door blades for £85 which obviously softened the blow to my bank balance.

Photos to follow as I get around to fitting everything.

Door blade part numbers:
Front passenger side – 8E0 853 959 A 7DL
Rear passenger side – 8E0 853 970 A 7DL
Front driver side – 8E0 853 960 A 7DL
Rear driver side – 8E0 853 969 A 7DL

// Matt

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