A4 Centre Console DIN variations

Okay so part of the reason I decided to tackle this ‘little project’ is because I was fed up with the holes in my centre console that were left when I removed the big, ugly factory phone dock. I picked up a cheap replacement on ebay, but by the time I set some time aside to install it, I realised it was actually broken and missing a piece from the top. Fortunately I kept it anyway and today I was pleased to find that it wasn’t a complete waste of money.

I was test-fitting the double-DIN cage, and could not get the thing to sit right. Turns out the centre consoles are different for double-DIN and single-DIN cages, and would you believe it, my broken one is a double-DIN one!

Here’s the pair of them together, single on the left, double on the right:

2013-07-09 20.10.26

I’ll make a template and hack up the single-DIN one with the Dremel. I’ll also need to fill the holes left by the phone kit, some plastic bumper filler ought to do the trick.


// Matt

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