Why sponsor me?

Well it’s a super easy, cheap way to promote your product or brand. Every situation is different but basically if you’re helping me out, I’ll help you out.

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of product samples sitting on your desk, what good are they doing there!? Put them in a box, send them to me and I’ll try them out and write a review, maybe put together a video and throw it on YouTube, or take it to an event and show it off to everyone! That’s pretty good bang for your buck putting a sample in a box.

There are a few rules, of course. I’m not going to publish third-party content. Everything on my site is written by me. Since the 90’s “keeping it real” has been cool, so any product review will be completely honest and unbiased.

The advertising spaces on my site are for sale. By default I display Google ads, but for some beer money I’ll replace them with yours. You may have noticed my site’s split into several categories, so you can pick the category relevant to you.

I don’t make a living from my blog so as long as it pays for itself and I’m having fun, that’s good enough for me and keeps promoting your gear cheap for you.

Get in touch if you want to make some cool stuff happen…

// Matt